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Hualing LTD 2018 Shanghai hutch defends exhibition invitation
  • Date:2019-09-18
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    The world's largest annual exhibition kitchen bathroom facilities, known as "Oscar that defend bath," said the 23rd session of Shanghai international hutch defends exhibition in Shanghai new international exhibition center on June 5, 2018-8, Shanghai new international expo center will star bright, giant gathered. Review as in previous years, each session of hutch defends exhibition is a new product emerge in endlessly, hot topic, became the hutch defends the "barometer" of the industry, every year will attract from the world's largest hutch defends brand to compete, to outshine each other. For hualing, this is not only a challenge but also opportunity, because to win the attention of more people, must present different hualing, present a more highlights hualing, will be hualing into a hose in the industry well-known brand a chance.

    The 23rd Shanghai hutch defends W4B45 exhibition booth, hualing LTD brilliance will radiate the whole Shanghai! Hualing tzu chi's desire to carry out the principle of "innovation, quality service", to provide the best quality services to customers at home and abroad. Selects high quality raw materials, strict control technology, new high-precision CNC equipment, sophisticated products all inspection air-tightness equipment, guarantee the quality of the hualing products,Innovation, quality service, we meet the hose industry rapid development needs, our unremitting efforts, in all walks of life, under the warmly support of all friends make greater achievements, hualing into hose industry well-known brands.


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Hualing LTD 2019 Shanghai hutch defends exhibition invitation