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Pay attention to the daily maintenance of sprinkler hose
  • Date:2020-04-10
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Causes of water leakage of sprinkler hose

1. Installation problems: the installation of hose is not accurate, the rubber rings at both ends are deformed, the joint at the faucet is not flat or too thin, and the size of shower hose does not match the sprinkler.
Maintenance method: to buy the hose matching with the faucet and shower, check the rubber ring, replace the deformed one, and then tighten it according to the installation direction.

2. Hose problem: if the installation method is correct and the water leakage occurs in the middle of the hose, the hose is broken.
Maintenance method: in this case, the old hose needs to be removed and replaced with a new shower hose.

3. Improper use: due to not paying attention to the maintenance in the process of using, the foreign matters and scale in the shower are too much, which leads to water leakage.
Maintenance method: you can adjust the shower first, open the interior of the shower, clean up the foreign matters and scale in the shower, and then install it back.

 Maintenance of shower hose

Because the connection of shower hose and faucet is fixed and sealed by screw pattern and rubber tube, it is easy to loose, rust and fall off after using for a long time. In addition, frequent pulling may cause the connection to break, and the hose connected in the same way with the shower part is also the same reason, and the hose itself is relatively rare to produce water leakage. Therefore, in daily use, pay more attention to the maintenance of shower hose, which can not only prolong the service life, but also reduce the occurrence of water leakage. First of all, when taking a shower, try not to stretch the shower hose excessively, so that the hose can be naturally stretched to avoid water leakage caused by broken hose. Secondly, do not coil the hose in the shower or faucet, and pay attention to prevent the formation of a dead knot between the hose and the joint.

Shower hose is relatively small hardware in the bathroom, installation and replacement is relatively simple, leading to many people do not pay attention to the hose. To a large extent, sprinkler hose leakage is usually improper use, pay more attention to maintenance issues, prolong the life of shower hose, no longer need to replace frequently.

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