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How to choose shower hose?
  • Date:2020-03-05
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Now most people will choose the shower, which is convenient and comfortable. If the hose connected to the shower is the main part, if it is damaged, it is easy to leak. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a durable hose. The following is the purchasing skills of shower hose.
1. Surface
Although the surface of each brand of sprinkler hose looks similar, you will find that the surface of good brand hose is flat, the gap is evenly distributed, and the handle is smooth. The spray hose with good quality adopts stainless steel surface, which can not only protect the inner pipe, but also play an explosion-proof role.
2. Material
Usually when we take a shower, we will use cold water and hot water. The use of cold and hot water needs to go through the shower hose, so the shower hose has higher requirements on material. The best material for the inner tube of the hose is EPDM, which has good aging resistance, heat resistance and is not easy to expand and deform.
3. Flexibility
If you want to choose a material with good flexibility, such as EPDM, this kind of material has better flexibility. It is not easy for us to deform when pulling, and it is easy to recover to the original state. The outer pipe of shower hose is made of 304 stainless steel, which ensures the stability and flexibility of the hose.
4. Tightness
It is necessary to see whether the hose connection is tight and whether the sealing is good. If the sealing of the two ends of the hose is not good, water leakage will easily occur in use. The quality of the hose joint is made of copper. The thickness of the joint and the solid gasket inside are very strong and durable. The appearance is also equipped with better rubber gasket, which has a good anti leakage effect.

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